The deadly kindergarten

You could’ve killed me!

When I was in kindergarten there was an evil old bitch… excuse me I meant teacher! Who had it in her mind that I would fake feeling dizzy so that I could get attention from my Mom and everyone else. This teacher didn’t realize is that it is normal for people with juvenile diabetes to feel dizzy or sick multiple times a day because diabetics experience a polarization of many blood sugars throughout the day.           


Jersey Films (Matilda 1996)

One minute, you can have a blood sugar of 35 and, within an hour or so, be 400. Basically, one minute you feel like you’re going to pass out or have a heart attack from low blood sugar, and the next you feel like you’re going to throw up and, well, then pass out.

There was this one day when I was in class, and I felt like the world was spinning all around, and all I wanted to do was lie down on the floor. I knew this feeling very well. I knew I was low.

I told my teacher, Mrs. Dumbitchass, that I felt low and I needed to have my Mom check my blood sugar. My Mom was a volunteer at the school because she knew that schools were not equipped to deal with type one diabetics, so, she always wanted to be close by so that she could save my life.                                   

Mrs. Dumbitchass told me, “Angela, if you make me call your Mom over from the other class to come into ours to check your blood sugar and if you’re not low, I’m going to have a long talk with your Mom about you making up feeling low because you want people to pay attention to you and get special treatment.” She then said, “There are a lot of times you say you’re low and you’re not.”

I thought to myself that I should just say I’m fine because my teacher’s mad at me and I should want to please her because she’s an adult… but then I thought, this lady needs to shut the fuck up! Who the hell is she to tell me I’m making up how I feel?

I politely said to Mrs. Dumbitchass, “I need you to call my Mom over.”

She called my Mom over from the other classroom that she was helping out and my Mom checked my blood sugar and I was in the early 50s (which is really bad).

I can still remember the icky way my teacher looked. It was a nice combo of “Oh wow, Angela could’ve passed out, had a seizure, or died; if her Mom didn’t get called over soon enough!” and “I’m a terrible human being for trying to intimidate a small child.”

What Mrs. Dumbitchass failed to realize, is that type one diabetes takes a toll on you mentally and physically. Often people experience extreme mental fog, sadness, exhaustion, migraines, insomnia, and nauseous even when their blood sugar is normal.

I’ve always had this fantasy of seeing ole’ Dumbitchass and telling her, “You could’ve killed me! You could’ve killed a five-year-old. Do you feel good about that bitch… cough, I meant teacher.”




Author: Angie

After spending a year in Sydney, Australia, interning, selling chocolate, partying, making friends, and dating; I realized post-grad, that I still had no f****** idea what I want to do with my life. This website/blog is for those of us trying to navigate life without a clear goal or destination in mind.

11 thoughts on “The deadly kindergarten”

  1. good luck on your journey.I have been t1d for a very long time.
    I was dxed at 8 in 1970.
    I am complication free but have another auto-immune disease died when I was38.
    God bless you.


  2. This made me laugh and as a mod made me mad tobhear it happened but all in all it made me happy to read and I can’t wait to read more from you. You’re the best person for a mom like me to learn from to raise my 4 yr old T1D better. I appreciate the dark humor undertones but real world insight ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am a mom of T1D 5 year old boy. We are lucky that our school got really on board with our “sweet child”. They ring me every time if in doubt (they baked apple pie other day and ring me to ask if he can have some-or last year were asking me what they can get for him for the party so he doesn’t have to sit there and only watch children eating sweets). They check his blood sugar and give him his insuline for his lunch… Didn’t meet anyone who would be (to say politely) not nice person to my child or any one from my family… but i know there is many more years ahead and we can still meet someone…well BRING IT ON I`m MOM u don’t start with MOM!!! good luck and thank you for sharing your memories…


    1. I wish you all the best! I’m glad that your son has a great support system and wonderful Mom to be his advocate. Next Friday I’m going to have a post about my parents always being there for me and I think you would really enjoy it.


  4. What a shame that an educator was so uneducated! With an attitude like that she should be working in a piggery not around children. Good for you, you stuck to your guns and handled the situation much more maturely than the supposed adult. I like the way you write from the heart and relay your experiences with honesty and candor. Take care and good luck x


  5. I’m a type 1
    I have a 13 year old daughter who I do not allow to swear or use hurtful words. Although as a Mum I would be proud of what you have written I would also be disappointed in how you describe your teacher. (And believe me I’m sure she was) I just feel it is too harsh it detracts from what you are trying to say.


    1. I can understand that Gail, but I’m actually trying to get across how much I disliked my teacher, thought she was an idiot, and had a big ass (which is fine I have a big bottom as well).


  6. I know how difficult it can be be getting people to understand, which they won’t unless they have experienced T1 firsthand. This teacher was obviously not well educated, or informed on the effects of T1D. This incident is unfortunate for you, and it is obvious that you have a lot of hatred built up inside over it. I have experienced similar situations as well, and now that I have gotten older, I am more loving towards the people who are ignorant of T1D. We need to fight for more education…and even though your situation many years ago could have ended badly, it is time to move forward without condemnation and hate. 💜 Ashley -T1D for 34 years


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