Ketone Update


Recently, after writing my blog post on ketones I developed severe ketones when I had contacted the flu. What this taught me was that severe (small ketones can still be delt with at home) ketones should be delt with at a hospital and not at home.

It was a couple days before Christmas, around 4 a.m., and I got up from my bed to rush to the bathroom to throw up, throw up and throw up some more. When I woke up in the later in the morning my ketones had reached 80 (which is extremely high). I haven’t had ketones like this since I was first diagnosed as having type one diabetes.

I felt really bad, like I had woken up with a hangover after a night of drinking and then blacking out. I couldn’t keep my head up because I felt to dizzy and exhausted. I was out of breath and was breathing through my mouth, I had to have my Mom help me stand up to walk to the bathroom.

I at first gave myself 14 units of insulin (without eating any food) to get rid of my ketones. I went to sleep and woke up an hour later with the same amount of ketones. I then just decided to play a guessing game and gave myself 20 units of insulin (without any food).

I thought to myself that if I went low it would be okay because my Mom was there to take care of me.

The insulin actually made me start to feel a little bit better. When my Mom starting feeding me sugar-free jello I felt a little bit better, as well. Then when I would wake up ever few hours I would check my ketones, give a similar dose of insulin and then drink sugar-free ginger ale. Note: I did start eating a little food at night time.

All of this lasted a couple days. When my ketones would go down a lot at night, I would wake up in the morning and then they would be sky high, because ketones multiple at night when you sleep; even if you give yourself a higher dose of your 24 hour acting insulin.

Eventually, I woke up and I didn’t have ketones anymore, but I still felt exhausted from everything my body had gone through.

A few days later, I saw my endocronologist he told me that I should have gone to the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) because I could’ve died. He said they could’ve treated me and the whole situation could’ve been much easier for me. They would’ve hooked me up to an IV with fluids to hydrate me and flush all the ketones out of my system.

The truth is that I didn’t really know what I was doing but I tried my best. Yes, it worked out for me this time, but trust me I will never try to get rid of severe ketones by myself ever again!

If you ever have ketones that are climbing and not going down, just go to the hospital for DKA.


Author: Angie

After spending a year in Sydney, Australia, interning, selling chocolate, partying, making friends, and dating; I realized post-grad, that I still had no f****** idea what I want to do with my life. This website/blog is for those of us trying to navigate life without a clear goal or destination in mind.

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